“I used the Emotion Code® with my 50-year-old friend, Missy, who was dealing with diabetes, an amputation, kidney dialysis, and losing her vision. At first she was skeptical, but let me do it because I wanted to practice what I was learning and she trusted me. We released one emotion per evening because she felt that was all she could handle. After our second session, she called me excitedly the next day and said she had a revelation about why she ended up in three difficult marriages that ended in divorce. She saw that her own emotional baggage was part of the relational issue.

“She was low on hope and a sense of purpose and bravely asked one day whether I felt she could do Emotion Code for others. I responded with great enthusiasm. She took the class and one of my daughters helped her make six poster sized charts so she could see the words with her failing eyesight. One evening I called for our single-emotion session and I encouraged her to find the emotion herself. She said she was worn out from dialysis so I said I would gladly identify it and she could release it, which we did. Then she asked how I was doing since I had a deadline for a book and video program I was finishing. She said, “What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t offer to help you release a trapped emotion?” She identified one and we released it.

“That was the last time I spoke with her. She was found unresponsive the next evening and was gone. I am so grateful we had the Emotion Code experience together. Her family commented on the hope that it had given her that she could once again feel like she was making a contribution in this world. My brother commented, ‘How amazing is that, the day before she left for heaven she was still learning new things and helping a friend.’ I got to share that at her celebration service.

“Thank you all for continuing to spread the goodness with Emotion Code!”

~Vienna Dunham, Kansas, USA

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