“My most touching story about the Emotion Code® is that of my exercise partner Birgit. She came to me because of severe back pain and we asked about stored trapped emotions.

“There were many different emotions behind the back pain – rejection, crying, sadness, grief, and guilt. At each session she was able to remember the triggering original event better and better. After three sessions and many inner images, she was able to explain many sad events in her life. By releasing the emotions, the certainty grew in her that life will be more beautiful for her from now on.

“In the last session, we found bitterness and indecision among the back pain. With the dissolution of these emotions, something miraculous happened. She was free of old blockages and could finally design and buy a headstone for the grave of her husband who died 18 years ago.”

~Elke Stritzke, Mühltal, Germany

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