“A friend of mine moved in with her partner just three weeks before the lockdown. This was placing immense pressure on them and it was becoming unbearable to live under the same roof. I asked Rachel if I could help her by releasing any energy that was causing disharmony in the relationship. She agreed and I completed a session through proxy [using the Emotion Code®]. What was interesting was the emotion “No Will to Live” came up. I found this strange as Rachel is one of my closest friends and she had never mentioned anything like this to me. I contacted her and explained the emotions that I had found and balanced. When I mentioned the “No Will to Live” emotion, she was shocked. This was completely accurate. She had never shared this feeling with anyone before and was staggered beyond belief that I had uncovered it and the correct age! In her words, she said, ‘I have no idea what you have done, but it’s a miracle. We are totally living in harmony!'”

~Lisa Berry, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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