“Diesel is a 7-year-old horse that was headed to the sale barn. He was a bronc, dangerous to ride and scared of everything. At this point, he was considered no good to anyone. However, my son found a natural connection with Diesel, so the owner happily just gave him the horse. Later we learned that when Diesel was being broken to ride at the age of 2, he was severely abused. In an attempt to calm this horse down, we decided to try the Emotion Code® on him. I released plenty of negative trapped emotions, including terror, horror, and panic. Afterward, my son called me in amazement and referred to Diesel as a “teddy bear”. His extreme fear and defensiveness had greatly diminished, and was now a happy, whole different horse! Diesel now is a well-trained, professional rodeo rope horse and absolutely loves his job!”

~Jodi J., Texas, USA

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