“I have had so many success stories, it amazes me. My mother-in-law has arthritis in her middle finger and she could hardly bend it. She described it like a claw. After one Emotion Code® session with me, she could close her fist fully. She was blown away.

“I did a session online by proxy with a lovely lady who has no cartilage in one knee. It had escalated to the point where she was in pain just walking down the stairs and was really struggling at the gym. She had run marathons before and was desperate to get back to running. Thirty minutes after our session, she was running up and down the stairs!

“I went to the hairdresser, and my stylist had pain in her tailbone. She explained that it had hurt ever since giving birth to her son one and a half years before. Whilst my colour was on my head, I gave her a session and her pain completely disappeared. She was so excited, she gave me half off my bill!”

~Sol Christou, Kent, Great Britain

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