“When I first started reading The Emotion Code® book I was intrigued and I was working on myself and on my husband. Then when I started the Emotion Code Certification, my daughter, who was then about 3 or 4, said, ‘Mommy, do it on me!’ At the time I couldn’t think of anything to work on specifically, so I did it for whatever needed to be released. Then a month later when I was typing my records into the computer, I was thinking if it seemed to help anything and realized that she had not wet the bed (which she was doing at least 3 or 4 nights a week) that whole month after I had worked on her. Most of her trapped emotions that I had released were from when I started a part-time job and dropped her off at grandma’s. She was 18 months old then and grandma said that when I left each time, she sat by the door and cried until she fell asleep. I love the Emotion Code and the people I help. I thank you so much Dr. Brad for the wonderful things you share with the world!”

~Emily Young, Utah, USA

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