“My Heart-Wall® was [metaphorically] made of straw. I grew up on a farm and my brothers and I used to play in the straw so that really made sense. Straw insulates and protects from the outside, but at the same time gives warmth, smells good, and forms a cozy nest and a safe hiding place.

“After each Trapped Emotion™ from my Heart-Wall was cleared, my heart felt a little freer and lighter. I’d always had the basic feeling of not being welcome, with a background noise of hopelessness and melancholy, so the joy, gratitude and warmth of my heart, which I always tried to cultivate in myself, came into their own even more. These bright feelings are mostly noticeable in my everyday life. Overall, now I feel more in touch with myself and more connected to the environment and nature.”

~Peter Schaub, Heidelberg, Germany

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