“I had one client whose husband had passed away several years prior to her coming to see me. She had since remarried but explained that she was still experiencing overwhelming sadness and grief that she was unable to get over. She stated she continually compared her current husband to her late husband and that he always fell short of living up to her expectations.

“During the Emotion Code® session it was discovered that she had a Heart-Wall® that was holding trapped emotions resulting from the death of her first husband. They prevented her from moving forward with her life and fully loving her current husband the way she knew she needed to do. A few weeks after releasing the emotions that were trapped in her Heart-Wall, she notified me that after her session she was very tired for a couple of days but after that she noticed she wasn’t as sad as often and was beginning to see admirable qualities in her current husband. She stated they were getting along better and there was less comparison to her first husband. She stated after the session she felt lighter and more free.”

~Kathryn K., Texas, USA

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