“I read in Dr. Bradley’s book about how the Emotion Code® can work on animals. I thought it was funny. I told my step-daughter that we can work on our animals, as most of them are adopted, strays, or runts of the litter. I shared some of the stories in the book with her and we were laughing. We decided to try it.

“My stepdaughter has a Siamese long-hair ragdoll cat, Lillie. I had my stepdaughter hold Lillie and I would muscle test on my stepdaughter. I found it so funny to ask Lillie directly, though I do talk to animals all the time, especially horses. When I started to ask Lillie the questions, she looked me directly in my eyes and meowed. Wow! She knew I understood her. We cleared trapped emotions of abandonment and loneliness, plus feeling unloved. Then we cleared her Heart-Wall®. To this day, Lillie talks to my stepdaughter all the time. It seems that when we connected with her and understood her, she was able to get her own voice. Now we can’t seem to get her to keep quiet. It was fun! I have worked on all of our dogs as well. Thank you Dr. Bradley for publishing an awesome book and the wonderful webinars!”

~Elena Rose Lynn, Arizona, USA

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