“I have been an animal lover my entire life. I felt that I almost never met a dog who didn’t like me until 2½ years ago meeting the dog my nephew and his wife had adopted. Brodie growled at me the first time I met him at my sister’s house, and I corrected him to let him know that behavior was unacceptable. War was declared on both sides. I lost the freedom to go to my sister’s house unannounced because Brodie would literally try to attack me. My nephew’s wife worked with him tirelessly, trying to get him over his aversion to me. We consulted dog trainers and a very talented animal communicator to pinpoint and overcome the issue, but there was no change in his attitude towards me. The night before my nephew and his wife moved to California, I tried to pet Brodie because he seemed calmer, but in a flash he reached around and bit my hand, opening a knuckle and leaving a scar.

“My nephew, his wife, and family just moved back near me, and my relationship with Brodie had not improved the first few times I visited their new home. Brodie was sent to another room or outside while I was there, or he had to wear his muzzle. The one thing that had changed though was that over the previous year I had begun working with a certified Emotion Code® practitioner and I had also learned how to muscle test and was beginning to learn and practice how to do this amazing work.

“I finally had the courage to do a Heart-Wall® session with Brodie to address our relationship. Brodie was wearing a muzzle and several times I was certain he was trying to bite me, but thankfully the muzzle was firmly in place. Following the session, there was a definite shift in his overall attitude towards me. I visited their home again a few days later and even though Brodie was muzzled the entire time, I only felt a split second of attitude from him. Otherwise, he approached me in a friendly way. He let me pet his head, take him for an enjoyable walk, and give him a lot of love and praise.

“Last month we had a birthday celebration at my nephew’s home, and after petting and doting on Brodie, walking him, and feeling no attitude from him at all, I was comfortable enough to remove the muzzle to see what would happen. I finally got to see the happy dog that my sister and my nephew’s wife sees all of the time. I felt confident petting his head with the same hand that he bit and scarred 22 months ago. I am so grateful to learn the Emotion Code. This is a gift for me and so many others. I am so excited to witness how this will continue to change my life, and the lives of other dear friends and family!”

~Linda W., Oregon, USA

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