“The Emotion Code® has been a life-changing go-to for me. It’s on my phone. I literally never leave home without it. Thankfully, I’m very healthy, yet, I tend to have stress manifest in stomach upset. As soon as I get the first twinge, I take out the Emotion Code and it always resolves it. It’s like magic. I use it for anything that’s emotionally intense or that I ruminate about. The Emotion Code changes my perspective, freeing me up to move on or have an insight. I always feel better.

“I have even used it for selling things. If a sale is stuck, I use the Emotion Code to move it towards a successful conclusion. Sometimes it changes the same day. I’m amazed by how palpable the feelings of release are on every level — physical, mental, and emotional. It’s amazing.

“I couldn’t get comfortable with muscle testing myself, so I use a pendulum. I’m very comfortable and confident using a pendulum for yes/no communication with my subconscious and it seems to be doing the trick here. I cannot express my gratitude and strong recommendation enough for the Emotion Code.”

~Mary S., Massachusetts, USA

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