Unconditional love is so profound. When using muscle testing, intuitively I asked if my 66-year-old client was able to receive unconditional love and received a no. He told me that he has an image of a nurse who lovingly stroked his head when he was a child. Then it became very clear during our conversation that the nurse had shown him unconditional love.

“His childhood illness and the early death of his mother when he was 12 were connected with him feeling both love and pain. The love that was stored in his subconscious was always associated with his childhood illness and pain. Accordingly, extreme physical complaints, especially in his heart, have been evident over the decades. His heart was closed to true love because his head took precedence over his heart. Establishing a loving partnership was not an option for him because he did not want to inflict pain on himself or his partner.

“There were a lot of emotions that we were allowed to clear, including those associated with his acute heart pain and some of that pain was completely resolved. After we cleared the trapped emotions that prevented him feeling unconditional love, he felt relieved with an inner liberation.

“A few weeks later, he reported that he had fallen in love. Then when his head worried about whether he was still in a relationship, his heart immediately spoke again and showed that he could trust, and that he was allowed to live and experience love. So nice. His heartache stopped and love healed his old wounds.

“It’s never too late for the Emotion Code® and love.”

~Helga L., Vogtareuth, Germany

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