“I have spent many years trying to figure out why I felt so stuck and not experiencing wonderful feelings of love and joy in my heart. In my search for answers, I read tons of books, received my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist for several years. I sat in church my entire life, but still never experienced a heartfelt connection with God. I prayed and prayed for God to show up in a way that I could relate to Him and feel His presence. I read everything I could find and watched every webinar I thought might provide answers. Finally, I found an alternative doctor for my son to see for his allergies. This is where I found out about The Emotion Code® book!

“I could identify so much with the story about the woman’s near death experience and how she got to see her future regarding what she was supposed to do here on earth. I feel the same way…that I am here to help open hearts so that they can feel love and joy and genuine connection with God and others. I loved helping others as a therapist but I felt so limited, talk therapy was not enough. Even with other modalities, it was often not enough to diminish their discomfort and suffering. Now I know for sure that I am here on this journey to open up hearts, just like mine was opened through The Emotion Code.

“I had one session that was pretty intense and I have noticed a definite shift! I feel much better! Now I can experience more love and joy and connection with God and others that I have longed for. I plan on continuing with these sessions, I may have a few more trapped emotions in this Heart-Wall®! I’m so excited and grateful to find this work! I can’t wait to use this in my own family and with every soul everywhere! Thank you so much, Dr. Nelson.”

~Carrie H., California, USA

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