“When I first discovered The Emotion Code® I practiced on myself to see what I was able to do, and to discover what it was like to release trapped emotions. After I figured out how to do it, the results were amazing.

“I wanted to help my lifelong friend, Tatjana, who was willing to try it. We had been trying to resolve issues in her life using different healing methods and the results were only good in the short term. Then we tried The Emotion Code®. We released her trapped emotions related to fear, anger, and low self-esteem. She felt incredible after the sessions. Releasing these helped her to improve her social life and professional career. Now she has the self-confidence to achieve any goal that is set, and it manifests. Her family members are so grateful for her achievements and for her ability to remove and overcome all obstacles using The Emotion Code.”

~Dragana Jovanović Kuprešanin, Belgrade, Serbia

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