“Ever since reading The Emotion Code® book last year I have seen many miraculous things happen. The most miraculous thing I’ve seen doing The Emotion Code was the change on my sister Erica.

When we were young children, we lost our grandparents. We had been extremely close to both of them. When my grandmother passed however, my sister changed from a playful little girl to an adult overnight. My grandmother Helen was the matriarch of our family, so I believe my sister decided at that moment to take on that role, even though she was only 6 years old.

A few months ago my family was sent a home video from our cousin. We decided to watch it and in the video was my grandmother’s wake at the old house. All of our relatives were there, along with my sister and me as kids. The video showed anguish in Erica’s little eyes. Watching it brought back some painful memories for her.

When we got back to our house, she had a breakdown and my intuition told me to use The Emotion Code. The intensity level started at a solid 10 and went down to a 0 after releasing 6 trapped emotions that had to do with taking on the role of matriarch and the sadness she felt at my grandmother’s passing.

Ever since the trapped emotions were released, she seems less tense. I know it had to do with releasing this major weight from her shoulders. This is what really pushed me to want to be an Emotion Code practitioner.”

~ Shana DeRusso, USA

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