“I had a client who had been suffering for two years with a frozen right arm. In addition to the constant discomfort, the problem impacted her painting career. She went to rehab and continued to see her doctor, and was ready to give up when she learned from a friend about The Emotion Code®. She contacted me for an Emotion Code session. On the day of the session, her discomfort intensity was rated at 6 out of 10, and she really couldn’t move her arm very much. After the session, she was able to move her arm and she didn’t have any discomfort at all!

“This is one of my favorite experiences in helping people, because this woman really didn’t know much about The Emotion Code, but she still took the opportunity and gave it a chance and it worked! Now she is able to paint again! She is doing tours teaching her painting technique and traveling all over the world.”

Mary Ruiz, San Antonio, Texas

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