“A woman had problems with her youngest daughter since childhood. They had always misunderstood each other and the daughter never felt loved by her mother. The woman herself also always had grudging feelings against her daughter.

“After just one Emotion Code® session, it was clear to the woman that she had unconsciously passed on the bad feelings for her manipulative ex-husband to her newborn daughter. The daughter always felt as if these bad feelings were meant for her.

“The same evening after her session where we released the Trapped Emotions™, the woman met up with her daughter. She gently explained that the bad feelings between them over the years were due to the Trapped Emotions she had experienced and then unknowingly passed on. Her daughter listened for a long time, the first time without any resistance or contradiction. They had a loving bond all evening.

“The mother is so amazed and almost can’t believe that after 24 years there is finally hope and the basis for a peaceful relationship with her youngest daughter.”

~Iben Sita M., Köln, Germany

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