“My favorite top success story is about a little kitten named Penny. My neighbors were in the midst of packing and moving to another place. Meanwhile their daughter bought a new kitten. While they were in and out of their place moving, Penny ran outside and hid.

“Two weeks went by and the kitten would not let them take her. She would run and hide deep into the bushes on the other side of their neighbor’s back yard. Each day they would look for her and leave food out for her.

“My neighbor called me to ask for me to keep a look out for Penny. At that point I offered to work on the little one with the Emotion Code®. They were surprised that I could work on an animal. They gave me permission to work on Penny’s trapped emotions. The poor thing was only three months old. Her trapped emotions were terror, unworthy, panic, and worthless. To top it off, it was the 4th of July with fireworks going off all night long.

“After I finished clearing her trapped emotions, I said a little prayer speaking to Penny directly to trust her new owner, saying that she would experience love and joy. I called my neighbor and told her to have her daughter check on her kitten the next day. I felt she was going to be ready to return to her owner.

“The next day I received a text message from my neighbor’s daughter. She was so ecstatic that Penny walked right up to her and let her take her home.”

~Rochelle N., Washington, USA

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