“Stacy shared with me the struggles she’s been facing with her son’s experiences at school. Her son is hearing impaired and has changed schools multiple times in the last few years in hopes of finding a school where he can be truly be successful. Throughout our conversation Stacy cried easily and told me that she was feeling uncertain about sending him back to the school he attended last year.

“She told me that she was so distraught she couldn’t even bring herself to attend the back to school night that was taking place later that day. I offered to use the Emotion Code® to see if there were any trapped emotions we could release that would help her to feel less overwhelmed and more in control. Later that afternoon Stacy called and said, ‘Since seeing you this morning, I feel much better. So much so, I’ve decided to go to the event tonight, but I’m feeling a little nervous that it might be a disaster.’

“I suggested to Stacy that I believed it was possible that due to her trapped emotions she might not be perceiving situations correctly, that her trapped emotions could be causing her to see every interaction in a negative light. I offered to act as proxy for her to see if there was anything else we could clear that was specific to her fears about attending the event. She quickly agreed it was a good idea and gave me permission to work on her remotely.

“Later that night, I received several text messages from Stacy letting me know how great the evening had been and how wonderful the staff were to her and her son. She felt welcomed and cared for for the first time since they began having struggles the previous year.”

~Jennifer Landon, Minnesota, USA

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