“I have used the Emotion Code® to pinpoint energetic imbalances within myself related to childhood trauma. It has changed my whole perspective on just how powerful this kind of healing can be for humanity as a whole. I have helped a few friends using The Emotion Code and every single one has experienced benefits and relief from pain.

“A girl named Amanda, who had come to me for help, returned for more help in relation to the same pain we addressed previously. After downloading the free trial for the Discover Healing app, I used it to help navigate her session more smoothly. I loved including the Body Code™ because it proved just how integral the two systems are at working together. I found not only emotional imbalances that were irritating her shoulder, but physical ones as well. We found out that she was suffering from a toxic heavy metal build-up of lead from lead piping. I was able to specifically get a time in which this started to affect her body and low-and-behold it lined up with when she and her family had moved into a new house!

“The connections that we made were crazy and we both learned a lot from the experience. I’ve checked in on her since and she says there is definitely more movement in her shoulder since then and she can actually get it to pop now, which provides relief for her. She was very thankful for my time and efforts to help her, and it just undoubtedly proved to me that now I know I need to be making this a part of the healing that I use not only on myself and my loved ones, but also so I can officially offer it to my clients to make a real and positive difference.”

Ariel Kay D., Idaho, USA

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