“The mother of a 5-year-old boy asked me to do a distance session of the Emotion Code® for her son, who was having behavioural issues, such as outbursts of anger, hitting other children, and not listening. I did the session using proxy testing while the little one was asleep. I emailed the results to his mother the next morning. She told me that at about 11:00 pm, which is just when the session was over, he got out of bed and went to crawl into bed with her.

“A month later, she called me to say that there had been a pronounced change in his behaviour immediately after the session. He was willing to listen, much gentler with his siblings and other children, and much more positive. What a wonderful way to help little children, while they are sleeping peacefully and without fear or trauma on their part!”

~Lynn Groves, CBCP; British Columbia, Canada

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