“My friend Silvia has been single for many years. Like every woman, she wants a partner. However, she remains alone over and over again. Silvia looks great, is intelligent and she would be a good catch for any man. Over the years, I’ve always noticed that when I talk to Silvia, I have the feeling that someone is squeezing my neck. It kept getting worse. Then I realized it was her pressure I was feeling. Pressure not to find a partner. Pressure to stay single. I told her that she has so much pressure on her that she has to stop it, otherwise it will never work. Although there were many more conversations with Silvia, her pressure kept increasing.

“I didn’t know anything about the Emotion Code®, but I got a recommendation for the book, The Emotion Code. I bought it and took it on vacation to Italy with Silvia. I’m reading it, and even though I haven’t finished reading it yet, thanks to the book, I knew what to do. I released my first emotion ever in a human. (Before that, I had gone to a souvenir shop in Italy and bought a magnet to release Silvia’s pressure.)

“That was my first attempt and it worked! Since then, Silvia hasn’t had any negative pressure with men. That was the start for me with the Emotion Code.”

~Sandra L., Wolnzach, Germany

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