“Ryan is only 20, but in his young life had experienced a lot of trauma. He fell backward out of the bed of a semi-truck at age 7 and landed on his head. His family’s home burned to the ground when he was 13, and they lost everything. Within a few months after that, he lost two grandfathers, and then was subjected to severe bullying one year later. At age 18, he was in a traumatic car accident that almost took his life. Ryan struggled with physical and emotional trauma, resulting in his inability to sleep, eat and enjoy a healthy life.

“We began releasing several trapped emotions such as bitterness, grief, shock, resentment, terror and a Heart-Wall® of heartache. Layer by layer, emotions began to be removed. He had numerous misalignments in his spine and organs, possibly from his car accident when he broke his neck and back in 5 places, ruptured his spleen, bruised vital organs, shattered his shoulder and more.

“After the first Emotion Code® session, he needed 8 days to fully process everything. It was exciting that the first night Ryan was able to sleep all through the night. He ate the next day without getting sick, and over the next two weeks sounded happier than he had in years!”

~Pamela G., Utah, USA

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