“My significant other, Fiona, has a friend who complained of having a terrible, excruciating pain in her right shoulder. Fiona suggested that I use The Body Code™ to work with her. As I was self-testing and acting as proxy for this woman, I discovered a Saboteur. Indications were that it was the energy of a knife. Checking who it came from, it turned out to be her husband. Further investigation concluded that the husband was dealing with Alzheimers and would project onto his dear wife that she was some evil person trying to control him.

“After the Saboteur energy was released, the wife felt complete relief immediately, even though she was living miles away and didn’t know I was working on her at the time. During the release, I felt a lot of positive energy surge through me. I knew that I had helped relieve her pain.”

~Robert Nielson, USA

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