“While I was visiting, my friend’s dog Nino wouldn’t stop barking. I asked my friend if I could [use the Emotion Code® to] muscle test to see if Nino had a trapped emotion. Sure enough, Nino had a trapped emotion of insecurity trapped in his head. I asked when this emotion had become trapped and when I received the answer, my friend’s eyes widened in surprise and she asked, “How did you know that?

“Nino had been a rescue dog that was abused as a puppy. The abuser would hit Nino in the head (poor thing). I released the trapped emotion along with several others. Within a few moments, Nino calmed down, stopped barking and eventually fell asleep at my feet. When we moved into the living room for a more comfortable place to sit, Nino was sure to curl up beside me and fall asleep again.”

~Rachelle Rayner, New York, USA

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