“At the moment, the most exciting success story in our house is the application of The Emotion Code® and subsequent reaction of our rabbit named “Stupsi.” She has always been very tense, excited, and prone to biting. Stupsi has always had a growl and aggressiveness within her. It was quite striking that even as a dwarf rabbit with hanging ears, she always kept one of her ears up.

“With the help of my daughter, who has an uncanny gift with animals, I was able to release some of Stupsi’s trapped emotions. The result is so amazing in hindsight. This pet is now much more relaxed, has not bitten again, and will even eat right out of our hands. The most fascinating thing to me is that her second ear is now almost always folded down. She looks like a completely different rabbit with her two (!!) hanging ears. Pure transformation!”

~Andrea M., Austria

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