“This is one of my personal experiences with The Body Code™… a cool toxins story. In my first year or so of using The Body Code, my husband and I ordered Thai food take out one night, and my dish was a stir-fry with noodles, shrimp and vegetables. While I was eating the meal, there was this nagging feeling in the back of my mind about the shrimp like that maybe it wasn’t the best. However, I have never had a shellfish problem or any problems from eating shrimp and the restaurant serves high quality food (these were good-size shrimp) so I ignored my strange thought.

A short time after finishing dinner I decided to change into something else to wear and as I pulled my shirt over my head, I saw that I was covered in a red stippled rash all over my stomach and up my chest. I did not feel any irritation from it but it was very noticeable. I showed it to my husband, then I got the idea to see what The Body Code said about it. In muscle testing I found only one imbalance to be causing it – toxins, and specifically heavy metals though not one of the main four. I used The Body Code to clear the toxin. Curious about if it would work and how long it would take, I checked my torso again after about 10-15 minutes and the redness was largely gone; just a mild hint of it remained. I showed the change to my husband and told him all I did was release heavy metal toxin energy with The Body Code and he was amazed. He said that was the best proof he had seen yet of how effective The Body Code can be.”

~Sandra Daniels, Canada

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