“After having released close to 20 Heart-Wall® trapped emotions from Caroline, I received the following message from her:

‘My husband has commented this afternoon that he has noticed a difference with me. He thought that I was more calm, softer, and much more warm toward him.

‘I have noticed a big difference in myself today and I feel there are no walls around me. It’s like I can reach my hand out to the sky, grab hold of a star and bring it back down to me as there is nothing stopping me and nothing is in my way. I feel so happy, positive, and confident today! It’s such a wonderful feeling and I must be always smiling, as that’s what I was told.

‘I had my doctor’s appt today and he commented on the way I looked, so he was very pleased for me.

‘I know that everything is going to get better from here and I just can’t wait. I feel like a mountain has been taken away from me as there is no heaviness. It feels wonderful. Once again, thank you so much for caring about me. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you.'”

~Helga C., South Australia, Australia

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