“I was struggling with extreme anxiety and depression for many years. My life was filled with trauma and pain. Even as a young adult I noticed how sick my body felt. It got so bad I even remember waking up every day from nightmares and being sick to my stomach. It was exhausting and I was losing hope. My best friend had discovered an Emotion Code® practitioner and was curious about trying it out. My depression took a turn for the worse and I decided to work with this practitioner hoping it would help.

“Once the practitioner removed most of my Heart-Wall®, I decided to do the last session on my own since it was very meaningful. Ever since my Heart-Wall was removed, I have felt spiritually awake. I live my life now with very minimal anxiety and my depression feels lifted. I finally feel like I am living life to the fullest and the best part is, everyone around me is also growing and improving. I wake up every day so grateful to be alive and to have the life I always envisioned for my family and myself. I plan to move forward and dedicate my life to help others reach their full potential and to help make their dreams come into reality!

“Thank you Dr. Bradley Nelson for everything you do. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!”

~Gabrielle Dominguez, Illinois, USA

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