“Wow, I’ve seen so many amazing miracles already using the Emotion Code®! One of my success stories was with myself. I was having some panic feelings associated with a guy I was dating. I noticed it affecting my breathing. I decided to check out what was REALLY going on and found lack of self worth from when I was in second grade. I immediately had a flashback of a boy who used to chase me around on the playground and no one rescued me. I started crying as I felt this little girl in me feel vulnerable, like I did presently with my boyfriend. I released it and asked God to show me I was worthy.

“Just then my phone rang and a guy friend of mine just called to tell me that I WAS WORTHY OF LOVE. Wow! Just then the panic was gone and I slept so soundly. This was just one of hundreds of emotions I’ve already released in myself but a very big one!”

~Lindsey L., Arkansas, USA

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