“Not many days ago a Navajo woman stopped by for a visit. She had shoulder pain, which I did a Body Code™ session on. She gave me permission to continue to serve her via proxy. While doing a session for her this morning, I was strongly moved upon to ask about an inherited trapped emotion. I also felt to ask for extra assistance from Father, angels, and Christ, and to shield myself. The emotion was depression and came through a line of mothers, 111 generations! My heart felt the heaviness of this energy that these ancient people had carried for so long. With prayer and the assistance of many, we were able to release it. I felt a song enter my soul, and with my hands, began to beat my heart with the rhythm of the drum, and a song of praise I did sing. I am not native, and I am not a singer, but there was rejoicing that took place!

~Kathy Pace, Utah, USA

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