“While I was shadowing a doctor this summer, a patient came in saying that he had fallen earlier in the week and was still experiencing sharp chest pain from it. The doctor was able to determine that the pain was stemming from Trapped Emotions™. I had shared with the doctor that I was working toward becoming an Emotion Code practitioner, so he let me try it out on the patient. I was able to discover the Trapped Emotions of panic and horror lodged in his heart. After releasing those emotions, the patient immediately felt a reduction in pain.

“I also worked on my mom. She has a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a lot of food sensitivities. She would get very severe episodes of bloating along with pain. During one of these episodes, I was able to release Trapped Emotions of anxiety, lack of control, and frustration from her, and although the bloating still persisted, her pain was alleviated.”

~Rachel K., Ohio, USA

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