“I worked on a friend who claimed she felt nothing, and was emotionally unaffected by anything anyone around her did. I suspected she had a Heart-Wall®, and I was correct. I used the sway test and determined she had a Heart-Wall and was able to release four trapped emotions in one session.

“I told her that there might be some processing time and she said she was sure she would be fine. I later received a text that she woke up at 3 am and couldn’t stop crying. This continued for the next 2 days and on the third day, she was able to make some big decisions that had been weighing on her and she found her dream house.

“One of the trapped emotions was inherited low self esteem that she had also passed down to her son. [After it was released,] she said for the first time her son was talking about scouts coming to watch him play hockey and instead of his usual, “I’m not any good. They are never going to look at me,” he was excited to show the scouts what he was capable of.”

~Alexandra T., Michigan, USA

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