“After my first Heart-Wall™ was removed by a certified Emotion Code® Practitioner, there was a ‘calm’ in my body after a couple weeks. I didn’t really ‘notice’ much until one day my mom made a comment about how much I’d changed. I started to realize that a lot of things that used to upset or annoy me, things that I would have typically held onto, weren’t affecting me like they used to. I was able to forgive and love more than I ever had before.

“About a year after my first Heart-Wall session, I started to suspect that I was gathering trapped emotions again. So I went and got The Emotion Code book to try it for myself. Once I got the hang of muscle testing and did my first Emotion Code session, I fell in love with the whole process! Shortly after I started working on releasing trapped emotions for myself, I had my biggest success when I had a burning desire to stop drinking alcohol, something I had been struggling with for years. I haven’t had a drink since September 2017, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world!”

~Kelly C., USA

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