“A dog named Gypsy had issues with a leaky bladder while in the house and no energy. The owner said she just stayed all day on her spot on the couch without interacting much, acting more like a cat than a dog. I released many Trapped Emotions™ from a younger age, before being with current owner. Many were absorbed from her biological mother and there was a Heart-Wall® which was fully cleared in two sessions.

“We could tell this poor girl had some rough times prior to being with current family from the emotions and the timeframe. After her second Emotion Code® session, the owner called me and said, ‘Gypsy actually greeted me last night when I got in from work!!! Usually she stays on the couch because she’s sleeping and it’s midnight. Then she followed me upstairs to go to bed! She doesn’t come upstairs even on the nights I’m home!’

“Now she also mingles with company and has been spending a lot more time outdoors just exploring in the yard. Energy and interaction are improving so I continued with sessions for the leaking issue. After a few more sessions, the leaking was significantly decreased. There is still a drop from time to time, so we are continuing sessions, but she has made huge progress so far.”

~Lisa G., Massachusetts, USA

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