“My father is 83 years old, living in Asia. (I live in the USA.) One day on our phone conversation, I found that he was enduring pain in the area where his gallbladder was removed. He said the pain might be caused by the stones in the bile duct which doctors could not remove during the operation which took place about 4 years earlier. Since then, he’d been taking medication daily.

“I asked him if I could use the Body Code™ on him. He may not have understood what the Body Code was exactly, but I got his permission anyway. I found and removed entities, Heart-Wall® emotions, and the Heart-Wall itself.

“I called him next day. I asked him, ‘…So how do you feel? Do you still have pain?’ He answered, ‘Which pain?’ ‘Well, the pain you had yesterday…’ ‘Oh, it is gone. Your magic worked.’ I laughed and felt the magic and beauty of the Body Code.”

~Sandy W., California, USA

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