“My friend’s street (rescue) dog named Theo was very frightened, nervous and anxious. He was content to hide in the farthest corner of the house and reluctant to make contact with the second dog there. He would not play or romp around, and often had a sad, tortured look in his eyes.

“We used the Emotion Code®, and his mistress was so nice and made herself available to be his surrogate substitute. I found and released shock, horror and inner conflict from him in the first session. After removing those trapped emotions, he became increasingly cheerful and playful. Now both dogs get along together better and Theo doesn’t withdraw as often.

“It’s nice to see that you can turn a scared, nervous and sad dog into an animal companion who has become better adjusted and can look forward to his future life. The owner wants me to continue to use the Emotion Code with Theo.”

~Dörte M., Oldendorf, Germany

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