“The most remarkable Emotion Code® sessions I had were with a dog named Tillie. She is very loving and docile with her family, but so aggressive and overprotective around others that friends had told her “mom” that she would have to “take measures.” Tillie was a rescue dog with a traumatic history of abuse. Her mom was very upset to think she may have to put the dog down.

“The first session [done from a distance online] revealed terror from past, blaming self, creative Insecurity about developing relationships, and conflict, all part of her Heart-Wall. Within a few minutes of the session starting, Tillie came over to the computer screen and looked right at me! She was completely engaged for the rest of the session. As soon as the session was over, Tillie turned her back to us and laid down.

“I told Tillie’s mom to let me know if she wanted to do another session with the dog. At that moment, Tillie put her face right on the computer screen and stared at me! I laughed and told her okay, we would do another session!

“We did a second session a week later. Frustration, unsupported, stubbornness and shame came up. Much of this went back to Tillie’s puppyhood. Tillie was again very interested, and relaxed during this session. The Heart-Wall® cleared.

“Tillie’s mom felt very good about this session and reported that Tillie was doing much better, and was even able to go for a walk with her without being aggressive to other people across the street.”

~Laura Lee Nastri, USA

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