“I inherited my orange cat called Nua when he was two. He had been ‘thrown away’ as a kitten and was found by my friends when he was tiny, frightened, and alone in the woods in a remote place. They took him home, and because they lived beside a road, they kept him inside for the next two years. He was never allowed out and it was quite a small house. So he had issues when I got him.

“He was a scaredy cat, afraid of everything. If I sneezed, he took off running. When I first got him, he hid under buildings for the first three weeks. Eventually he became more friendly, but always had a shell around him and rarely would be seen out in the open. Dark places were his favourite spots.

“Then he met another kitty cat that my daughter found during winter in the freezing weather. This little kitten was trying to keep warm in an old roll of carpet, all alone surrounded by snow and ice. So my daughter brought home this tiny kitten that didn’t even have any hair on its tail yet. It was so happy to be saved; it was pure love from that moment on.

“That kitten, who we called Winter, grew to be a beautiful Maine coon, with a tail like an ostrich plume and great big feet, but the kindest, most loving creature one could imagine. She taught my cat how to play and how to be happy. He loved her more than anything and they had a lot of fun together.

“Winter had a wild streak in her and she like to roam around the land. We were living in a remote place at that time and early one morning we heard a terrible sound. It was Winter screaming. She had been grabbed by a wolf. My daughter went running toward them. The wolf had Winter in his mouth, and he dropped her and ran off. Winter was dead. We buried her with lots of tears and flowers. We loved her so much. And so did Nua. He had been outside and he had heard her. He turned his back to the world and didn’t move for almost a week. He was traumatized. Then he was more fearful than ever and he seemed to wear even thicker armor. He no longer played. He cried a lot and whimpered loudly in his sleep.

“Then I used the Emotion Code® on him three different times. Each time I released the trapped emotion of terror. The third time I released it, he rolled over on his back, and all his fur fluffed out and got big and soft, and he started to play. Since then, he has been different than he ever has been in his whole life. He is friendly and likes to lie close. He likes to be petted and brushed and even asks for it. He lies out in the open and purrs up a storm and rarely ever whimpers or cries in his sleep now. You could say he was rescued again!”

~Alice Williams, British Columbia, Canada

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