“I learned about the Emotion Code® when watching a podcast and realized I bought the book a few years back but never read it. I was divinely guided, that’s for sure – it was time. I read the book in a couple of days, downloaded the app, and the rest is history. This healing technology is next level! I have cleared so many things for myself, my friends, family and our pets, and I am in constant awe at how easy it is to do and how fast it works. I’ve been going through an incredibly stressful time at work and clearing trapped emotions is helping me get out of fight or flight mode and to restore balance so quickly. I also realized my boss was using offensive energies on me, so this helped me clear them and made me realize that I need more protection from her psychic attacks.

“I could go on and on, but I am forever grateful to Dr. Nelson for this gift to the world as I believe that by allowing regular people to treat and heal mind, body, and spirit imbalances, there can be a revolutionary shift so people can be more empowered over their health and wellness. I use the app daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and for a sensitive person who has struggled with allergies and sensitivities my whole life, I feel more comfortable navigating through life as I can quickly treat anything immediately that I know is going to be an issue or is an issue.”

~Jodi G., California, USA

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