“The second dog I ever worked on with the Emotion Code® was a lovable, old, overweight golden labrador. All Kizzy would do was eat and sleep, hence the weight problem. Kizzy belongs to Garrett, a 19-year-old young man who is away from home for two years. The first two trapped emotions we found were both sadness. Asking more questions, it was evident Kizzy felt sadness about Garrett being gone, as well as Garrett’s mother unexpectedly passing away four years earlier. The month before I came, Kizzy’s 16-year-old chihuahua companion had to be put to sleep, too. I felt her sadness and cried with her. We released this trapped emotion as well as two more. While walking to my car to leave, Kizzy pawed my leg so I knelt down to her as she licked my face clean! Then she ran in circles around me, darting here and there, returning to lick my face more. She even tried to jump a few times. Her family could hardly believe the results they were seeing in Kizzy!”

~Stephanie A., Utah, USA

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