“My client tells this story of her depression:”

‘Having been a lifetime on depression meds, with a family history of many who are doing the same, I am so incredibly pleased and shocked to tell you that I have completely gone off of my meds. And this only after three Emotion Code® sessions with you. I never thought I would come to this point in my life. For many in my family, depression medications have been a life story. I just feel so much lighter and happier than I have truly in a lifetime. I can’t thank you enough!

‘At first I was scared, but I knew I was feeling so much better after our sessions. The sadness and darkness was just lifted from me and I knew I wanted to get rid of my dependance on pills. It has been three weeks now without those daily pills and I feel so great, really alive again! Thank you!’

Brigitte Emery, Ontario, Canada

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