“A client had suffered with PTSD from childhood sexual abuse. This was her first Body Code™ session with me. She cried through much of the session as we released miasms, entities and negative emotional holding. I could see her start to relax and take deep breaths. At the end of the session, she burst into laughter because she felt so relieved. This is the email I received from her the following day:

‘I feel very relaxed and comfortable. I am trying to find words to articulate and best describe the emotional clearing that transpired. After I left your office, I immediately felt an incredible weight was lifted, like I had lost a hundred pounds. My mind has been silent in a new way. Absence of internal conflict, no nightmares or tremors. Panic and fear are nonexistent. I feel an overwhelming sense of a return to self, completely at ease and comforted by the Divine Light.

‘I feel that I was a character in a horror book who was lifted out of that story and given a new road. I feel incredibly grateful. I feel joy about what my life holds. I feel safe. I have not felt safe and completely comfortable in my own skin for a long time and am reuniting with the image of me as a child… I pray with a clear mind and an open heart. I’m actually excited to find out where the light will lead me. The best way I can describe it is to be able to see the world in color for the first time, like in that part of the Wizard of Oz. I had been stuck in the dark for a long, long time.’ ~M.D.

“Thank you Dr. Nelson and Jean for the Body Code. Miracle healings abound!!”

~Janet Gleeson, Maine, USA

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