“A beautiful life transforming Emotion Code® session happened quite by chance. A friend was very excited to ‘have a go’ and another friend came a long simply to watch. She had no interest in the Emotion Code and believed it all to be ‘hocus pocus.’ As soon as I started working on the willing friend, Angela saw what was happening and that there was no way I was manipulating anything or that I could possibly know the things that were being brought up. Angela burst into tears and just sobbed and sobbed. Both the willing friend and I were a bit shocked to say the least. I stopped what I was doing and asked what was wrong. Angela said she just had to tell me that she thought she was developing dementia, just like her mother and her grandmother before. I gently asked her if she would like me to see if there was anything we could do to help. She said, ‘Yes, please – anything!’ I finished working with our friend and then set to work with Angela.

“We discovered that her issue was debilitating fear of dementia. She felt everything she forgot or struggled with or any stress was due to it. It measured a 10 on the severity scale. I gently got her into ‘the zone’ and she relaxed and was a very easy subject it turned out. We identified numerous Trapped Emotions, fear, dread and abandonment among them. She was terrified of losing connection with her family and herself. We worked through it all gently and found a lot of inherited Trapped Emotions from generations back originating with female relatives who had been in dire straits at various points. We also found inherited Trapped Emotions from her mother, with very specific details that Angela had no knowledge of. The session went very quickly and at the end the issue we identified was down to 1 in severity. Angela also strongly tested that she didn’t believe she was developing dementia at all after. She looked like a weight had been lifted off her and she was just glowing.

“She was so happy and relieved. I have known Angela for more than 20 years and when she came to visit a week later, it was like another person walked into the house. Her energy was completely transformed. She looked taller and the confidence and happiness she was feeling was palpable. I had never seen her be tactile with anyone other than her children when they were small and she had always been quite reserved. She walked in and asked if she could hug me because she just had to! I’m happy to report my ribs have recovered.

“Angela felt so brimming with confidence that she signed up for a home renovation course at college and wanted to start buying and renovating houses with her husband and sons as a sideline. She had wanted to do it for years but never had the faith in herself that she could. She has since completed the initial course and has started her first big project!

“BUT in the background something else extraordinary was happening. Angela had gone to visit her mother the day after the session and asked her about what we’d found. All of it was true! Her mum was pleased and found it very funny that Angela now knew about it. A change also came over Angela’s mum. She had not left the house other than for doctors appointments for over a year. She constantly watched the same game show episode over and over again. But now, she was very bright and clear minded. That weekend, for the first time in YEARS, Angela’s parents packed up the caravan and went on a trip!”

~Corinne Livesey, North Yorkshire, Great Britain

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