“I suffered from severe nerve discomfort from February 2020 through April 2020. I couldn’t sit, recline, tie my shoes, or lie in bed sitting up. I couldn’t twist or bend to pick anything up off the floor. Toward the peak of the intense agony, I couldn’t even put my own pants and socks on without level 10 torture shooting down my leg!! I tried everything – chiropractic, icing, stretching (which doesn’t help btw), QiGong and Reiki. A good friend recommended a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner. We had our first session working on the distressing nerve issue in early May, and by May 30th I was free of all nerve misery!! I noticed that each week it got gradually better and better, until our session on May 29th, when we found an Inherited Trapped Emotion going back 6 generations on my mom’s side! Well, we released all of it and that night I took a calming bath, prayed for relief, asked the affliction to leave but thanked it for coming! 🙂 When I woke up the next day there was no more discomfort! For me it was a true miracle!! It is now August and the problem has not returned!!”

~Holly M., USA

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