“My client’s son had a collision with their big family dog while playing. The boy got a large bump on his forehead. The client asked me for help so I did a Body Code™ session by proxy over some distance. There were a couple of imbalances like a physical trauma, a Trapped Emotion of shock, absorbed Trapped Emotion of anxiety from the mother, misalignment of the frontal bone and a few others. By the next morning, the bump was totally gone and her son was fine.

“After a week, she wrote to me that their dog was unwell. He wouldn’t eat and didn’t want to play. She asked me again for help, so I did a Body Code session for the dog. This session was very interesting. There was the physical trauma from the crash, an absorbed Trapped Emotion of anxiety from the mother, and a shared Trapped Emotion shock with the boy, a Trapped Emotion of guilt related to the crash, and a misalignment of the lower jaw from the crash. After clearing all these imbalances, the dog was fine, and he ate and played with the children again.”

~Heidi Rast, Austria

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