“Before doing Emotion Code® sessions, I was in a rut and I felt stuck. I knew my purpose in life but couldn’t get there. I stayed in unhealthy relationships and filled my time with random things that took me off course from my goals. I spent time and energy investing in people that did not benefit me.

“Since the removal of my Heart-Wall™, I’ve experienced all sorts of miracles. My path became clear and I had the strength to detox people and things that were taking up space but didn’t serve me anymore. I began letting go of these people and knew it was in my best interest. I no longer am shy about what I need for me. I know how to better care for myself. My thoughts are more positive and my actions are more defined and focused. I know exactly what I want and need now. I am able to go toward those things with ease and efficiency. I love love! I love people so freely now, expecting nothing in return.”

~Lindsey L., Arkansas, USA

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