“With the Emotion Code® I have been able help my siblings and my mom heal. I often tell my mom she’s the type of woman that movie stories of survival are made from.

“To make just one of her trauma stories short, at age 15 she was kidnapped by three men only three blocks away from her home. They took her to a nearby wooded area, raped her for hours, and left her suffering there. She walked home and her mom never believed what had happened to her. This traumatic event was the downfall of the rest of her life. Night terrors, constant nightmares, depression, and anxiety are the effects she’s battled with all her life.

“When I found my practitioner, I had to convince my mom to please try it. She finally listened. Her improvements are major. Now I continue to help her at home. Never before had I seen her wake up in the morning with a smile on her face and say, “I didn’t have a nightmare last night!”

She inspires me to continue helping her! Now when I run into someone that is skeptical like I was I say, “Hey, if this helped me and my mom, it can help you too!”

~Angelica C., Texas, USA

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