“A 39-year-old young mother Kimico told me she had very painful throat for more than 14 days. Even when swallowing water, she had to be cautious. She did not have any flu symptoms.

“I helped her with an Emotion Code® session. A total of six trapped emotions were released from her throat and her subconscious confirmed that they been released. She immediately felt the sore throat was reduced by 50%. As we continued to chat for less than 10 minutes, she shouted suddenly and said, ‘God, my throat pain actually only has 1% left!!!’

“After hanging up, she immediately sent a message to tell me saying, ‘Really amazing. My throat really has no pain.’ I am very touched! Thank God! Thank Dr. Nelson. Unspeakable gratitude!!!

“After about 4 days we met on a party. I was very curious and asked her, ‘These last few days, is your throat not painful at all?’ She said happily, ‘Really no pain at all!’ And no wonder why she was very happy; her mood was very good! This result is very encouraging to me. I will continue to work hard to help more people and animals.”

~Yu Lun H., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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