“I have an amazing real life experience to share with you that happened over spring break. By myself I drove my three kids to another state about 13 hours away to go pick up a puppy. The first night with the new puppy and the kids, I barely got any sleep. The next day I was in a dark place from lack of sleep and feeling overwhelmed by the drive so I did some Emotion Code® work. I noticed some subtle positive changes.

“As I drove toward home, I was juggling three kids and the brand new puppy. By day two of three I was so exhausted that I felt as if I couldn’t drive another moment. After the bathroom break, I got everybody settled into the car with lunch, and decided to do some more Emotion Code work around the exhaustion. Within a few minutes, I felt a positive shift in my mind and my body that was very significant. We got back on the road and I drove another few hours to our next destination. It was amazing how the change occurred so quickly and I felt more optimistic even though I still had another day of driving and a hotel stay before we all made it home. Even after these few days, I am still very tired trying to train a puppy and be a single mom with our daily routines, but I still have the light and positive attitude I got from the Emotion Code.”

~Jennifer O., Utah, USA

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